Helpful Hints for Love my hair dye

  • Wait approximately 2-3 weeks before using Love My Hair on chemically treated hair and vice versa.
  • Love My Hair contains ingredients that nourish your hair and improve its condition. However,  sometimes if hair is damaged by chemical treatments, it can feel dry after the first application of Love My Hair. A coconut oil treatment will sort this out quickly. Use organic, extra-virgin coconut oil as the deodorised version is not effective.
  • The indicated colour is only a guide, the final colour will vary slightly depending on your original hair colour, the application time and the factors below.
  • Your final colour, especially if you have used the 100% herbal dyes, is effected by temperature, hair type and hair condition.
  • Because Herbal dyes work by coating the hair, the more you use them the deeper and richer the colour will get.  If you are using the dark brown dye, for example, and don’t want all your hair to get too dark, just  colour your roots as they grow out and colour your whole head every 3-4 months.
  • If your hair has been bleached, permed or straightened you must be cautious. These treatments damage hair structure extensively and colour results will be very unpredictable.
  • Bleaching your hair after you have used Love My Hair is not recommended and can give unpredictable results. If you decide to bleach you must do a strand test.
  • The 100% Herbal dye will work more effectively with a longer application time and with heat.
  • 100g is enough for 1 application on collar to shoulder-length hair, depending on hair thickness.
  • To re-touch roots, mix up about ½ a packet, depending on hair thickness and length of roots.
  • The 100% Herbal dyes may not ‘take’ properly on hair that is oily, has styling products or leave-in conditioners on it.
  • Before using Love My Hair 100% Herbal, avoid hair care products containing silicone, e.g. Dimethicone and other ingredients ending in “cone”, and also products containing polymers. Silicones and polymers act as a block to herbal dye. It is a good idea to use a very mild, clarifying shampoo for a few washes prior to using Love My Hair, and to not use a conditioner for the wash directly before the dye application.
  • You can experiment with mixing different shades, but please do a strand test before dyeing all your hair.
  • Wait 48 hours between applications of the 100% Herbal dyes to allow for oxidation and colour development.
  • Different shades can be used after each other, e.g. 100% Herbal Soft Black can be used 48 hours after 100% Herbal Brown.
  • After the dye is mixed with water it must be used immediately and cannot be stored. This is because the ingredients start oxidizing and if it is not used immediately it will lose efficacy.
  • When using the dark shades in the 100% Herbal dyes to cover grey, some grey hair may need several applications of dye .
  • Sitting under a salon dryer greatly increases grey coverage with the 100% Herbal dyes. Just one hour under a dryer gives nearly complete grey coverage for most people. You can achieve similar results with a hair dryer or by sitting in the sun for periods during the dye application.
  • The best 100% Herbal shades for covering grey are Light Auburn, Flame Red, Wine Red (if a reddish shade is desired), and Dark Brown and Soft Black (if a brown to blackish shade is desired).
  • Herbal Soft Black has a high percentage of indigo and can make very grey hair a blue-green colour. Herbal Brown tends to make very grey hair reddish with one application. These shades look lovely on hair with a small percentage of grey. If your hair is completely grey it is imperative to do a strand test before dyeing all your hair.
  • Henna coats grey hair more readily than indigo so on the first application of 100% Herbal dye your grey hair may be reddish and a lighter shade than the non-grey hair.
  • Mixing the 100% Herbal Dark Brown or Soft Black with pure Indigo powder assists with grey coverage.
  • If you are used to the fast-acting nature of chemical dyes, please bear in mind that herbal dyes sometimes do not work as quickly on grey hair. If you have been using chemical dyes for a while, your hair and scalp may also need to adjust to the gentle nature of herbal dyes.  Allow a few months for this process – your body and hair will thank you.