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Why we started living a natural lifestyle

Why we started living a natural lifestyle 1

For so many years there were no options available but those containing toxins, how things have changed! I love that there is so much variety of natural products now available to suit every taste. Sadly the ingredients for the products still remain expensive but I see that even with healthy food options which are so much more expensive than junk food.

Why I became passionate about living a natural life

I have become passionate over the last few years about living a natural life using more natural and organic products. It was a natural progression from discovering personally how all the toxins in foods and beauty products caused so many negative effects on the body. Hormone imbalances being one of the many effects. Then began my extensive research into all the ingredients that were the culprits and a complete lifestyle change for myself and my family began. The first thing I did was throw out all the toxic cosmetics, shampoos and lotions and started making my own. This progressed into making soap and I really enjoyed experimenting with different natural colour options and essential oil blends.

I have now had to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the motto of “nothing ventured nothing gained”. I am learning so many new things on this new venture that we have started on. It has been on my mind for a long time but finally, with the help of my son, Tyrell – the computer fundi and with my husband’s support, the project is happening. We are starting small but hope our new baby grows and we will eventually be selling all things natural for the body, face and hair. Love that we can take care of our skin with natural products and so happy there are now natural makeup options too.

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